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Apple Pharma, founded in 1995 is a family managed trading company founded and led by Mr. Jayesh Shah, a strong believer of quality and best customer service with competitive pricing. Since its inception, Apple Pharma has established itself and is growing at a decent pace year on year. Apple Pharma has grown to become a prominent supplier of Excipients, API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Vitamins, Chemicals, Solvents, Petroleum Products, Specialty Chemicals, Metallic Salts, Phosphates, Essential Oils, Gums, and Waxes in India. We have been providing services to suffice the growing needs of the Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Food & Beverages, Personal Care and other sectors on the Indian industry. Our dedication and commitment have led to our business associations with industrial giants respected in India and internationally. Our success and sustainability owe to our strong business acumen and ethics that have been followed and developed over the years by understanding the requirement and strategic sourcing to meet the exact needs of client.

From the founder’s desk:

The Industry of Pharma was and is in the phase of innovations with a number of exciting and learning opportunities every day. 32 years back, I stepped my foot in this industry & with desirable experience, learning, hard-work and fore-thought, founded Apple Pharma in 1995. In over three decades of my experience, I stick and stand by one simple fact; “There are no secrets or miracles involved in path of success. Success revolves around preparation, hard-work and patience to learn and evolve from the previous instances”.

Mission & Vision:

To grow internationally as well as domestically and become one among the leading pharma trading and distribution companies from India having a straight-forward approach as below;

  • Mutually beneficial partnership approach

  • Constantly growing the supplier & distributor network approach

  • Customer centric and quality at par approach.

Jayesh Shah – Founder & Proprietor